Nursing Clothes – How To Maintain Function And Fashion

The controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public is something every new mother faces. Anyone interested in this issue has heard of the woman forced to leave the airplane because she was breastfeeding on board. Or they’ve heard of women asked to leave a shopping mall or other public setting because they were breastfeeding. Whatever side of the controversy you choose, there is no disputing the health benefits of breastfeeding. The debate is more about where you choose to feed your baby and how discreet you choose to be.

I myself am a huge advocate of breastfeeding. The benefits for both mother and baby are undeniable. And I know this act of bonding between mother and baby is a beautiful thing. Yet I find it slightly unnecessary when a woman lets it all hang out when there are so many options in affordable, comfortable and fashionable nursing clothes available. There are many options available for mothers with various lifestyles and fashion sense.

The earthy, natural mama can wear an organic cotton shirt with hidden slits or a flowing tunic. The working woman can wear a button up blouse underneath her suit jacket. The athletic mother can wear a cotton tank with detachable straps and built in sports bra. The trendy mama can wear a wrap shirt or dress in a clingy, sexy material.

If you don’t want to wear nursing tops after baby comes but still want some coverage there are other options available to you. A BellySock is one option that is like a tube top, which you wear below your bust line. This will layer underneath any style of shirt you choose to wear – nursing top or not – and still keep your stomach covered when breastfeeding. There also are fashionable options available in nursing covers and ponchos, which you can wear over various styles of shirts.

Ideally, when choosing nursing clothing you want functional fashion. Select fabrics that breathe well and allow good air circulation. Also, it is smart to choose material that does not wrinkle easily as you will be pulling on it frequently throughout the day. Tops that are darker or patterned are more forgiving for any unplanned leakage.

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